Save up to 20%

on your new Fireface UFX

20 Years of RME

Trade in an old audio interface and save up to 20% on a Fireface UFX

This year, German pro audio manufacturer RME celebrates its 20th anniversary.

The RME trade-in campaign starts October 1st of 2016 at all participating dealers and ends January 15th of 2017.

During the campaign, the Fireface UFX is available at a bargain price up to 20% lower than the normal MSRP. To benefit, the customer just has to trade-in any audio-interface. All audio interfaces are eligible, regardless of brand, price and condition.

The Fireface UFX is equipped with high-quality, digitally controlled preamps as well as reference-class AD/DA converters.

It offers 60 audio channels and sample frequencies up to 192 kHz.

From October 1st of 2016, you can save up to 20% on the legendary audio interface with uncompromising audio quality and extremely low latencies when using the trade-in deal.


More Information about the great RME Fireface UFX

Ultra-low latency operation with USB and FireWire, combined with the legendary RME driver stability and maintenance. Including active jitter suppression, professional reference level support, advanced stand-alone functionality, RME's unique DIGICheck metering and analysis toolbox, and - of course - for Windows PC and Mac.

DURec: Direct USB Recording: The UFX provides a spectacular feature: an integrated digital recorder for all inputs and outputsdirectly to USB memory devices - USB thumb drives or hard drives with up to 2 TB capacity - via the front USB port. Independent from a connected PC or Mac.

On top of it: TotalMix FX, the new digital high-end mixer and signal router, driven by two powerful DSP, with integrated EQ, Dynamics and Reverb/Echo effects up to 192 kHz plus a built-in monitoring control.


The full-blown feature set is backed up by extraordinary usability. At its heart is a bright multi-functional colour display with full front panel metering for all 60 channels plus effect bus, and complete control of all key features - directly from the front of the UFX.

RME's Fireface UFX is a highly integrated pro audio solution, a full-blown studio packed in a 19" enclosure.

An interface designed for users who don't want to make compromises in sound, stability and ultra-low latency operation, and who long for an unrivaled professional feature set. Once again a milestone interface from RME, including the best of the best - and even a bit more.

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About RME

Over the course of the past twenty years, RME has firmly established itself as one of the pioneers of soundcard and recording interface design.

Founded by Ralf Männel, who serves as the company's primary DSP designer and Matthias Carstens, who guides the company’s development efforts, RME has earned an esteemed reputation for creating innovative, user friendly, and high-quality digital audio solutions that enable songwriters, composers, and other audio professionals to focus on their creative endeavors without being hindered by the technical aspects of their work.

Balancing the artistically creative challenges of music and audio production with the technical aspects of capturing those ideas requires an understanding of both sides of the ‘equation.’


RME’s culture and design philosophy has had a profound impact on the design of all the company’s products, as Carstens explained, “The biggest difference between RME and other audio companies is freedom. Without that, RME wouldn’t exist—or we certainly would not be as successful. From time to time, I often ask myself how we can repeatedly outperform the heavyweights of our industry when they have far greater resources—capital or otherwise. Well, they don’t have RME developers, and they don’t let their developers do what they do best.”

From the start RME did not use custom chips for many tasks. For example, AES, ADAT and MADI receiver and transmitter circuits are part of the FPGA design. That helps our products not only to be more flexible, it also saves some costs.




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